About Mandy Blank
Mandy Blank is one of the most widely recognized fitness models and competitors
in the world. She is famous for her startling physique and looks, as well as for her
incredible routines, which have draw standing ovations worldwide.

At the age of 18, she exploded on the fitness scene and placed 5th in world Fitness
Olympia and she received her professional status after only one year of competition.

She was the youngest competitor ever to win the coveted IFBB World
, beating Kelly Ryan, in what many believe to have been
one of the greatest fitness competitions in the history of the sport.
She was also;
• 1999 World Champion
• 1999 5th in World Arnold Classic
• 1998 1st in the Fitness Nationals
• 1998 3rd in the Miss Team Universe
• 1998 and 1st in the Debbie Kruck Classic.

Mandy was recently recognized in a Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazine
-Top Ten feature as having “The Greatest Glutes Of All Time”.

Mandy's competitive career started almost 20 years ago when, as a child, she
began to compete in baton twirling and gymnastic competitions. At the age of
17 she won the title of Majorette Queen of America, the highest honor in the
sport of baton twirling.

The sport of Baton Twirling allowed her to tour all over the world and perform
in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

Since moving to Los Angeles she has attracted the attention of not only the
magazine and print scouts, but also a multitude of celebrities who are lining up
to fast track their fitness regimens and train with Mandy.

Her list of clients span athletes, actors and musicians and includes:
Michelle Monaghan, Jordana Brewster, Rohan Marley, Natasha Leone,Corey Parks,
Pauly Shore, Rob Weiss Executive Producer Of Entourage Richard Brener Excecutive
Producer Of Sexy & The City, The Shannon Twins, Academy Award Winning Actor
Mickey Rourke, Alex Rodrigous Of The New York Yankees and Football's Hall Of
Fame Marcus Allen.

She prides herself on her extensive knowledge of the human body and nutrition,
and finds time to coach professional figure competitors, as well.

Mandy Blank works internationally with individuals through her Online Training
and Nutritional Programs. She has clients from all over the world who are
transforming their body and spirits through the benefits of her nutritional
and exercise programs.

Mandy is known for her unique approach to fitness. She is an artist who has a
gift for creating programs that work for your lifestyle and body type.

Mandy’s philosophy is that, in order to produce any kind of sustaining result,
there has to be a consistency of persistence and faith.

Mandy believes that by devoting yourself to the work and letting courage be
the ruler of your soul. There is no doubt, that all things are possible.

Mandy says, fitness is my soul mate.

Fitness gives me the confidence, natural flowing energy and strength to live the life I desire to live everyday.
Mandy states "without my health and fitness, I have nothing."

I encourage you to write me with any questions you have.
To contact me, write Blankwarriorbody [at] gmail.com

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